Why the handrail is so commen in public place?

The handrail can be seen everywhere in our daily life, and it is also easy to be ignored, but its role is not to allow people to neglect it. It can not only help people with limited to go up and down the stairs, but also protect people when they fall in the stairs. It is easier and safer for us to go up and down the stairs.

PVC anti-collision handrail performance characteristics:

1. Help walking: Install in public places such as hospitals, welfare homes, nursing homes, hotels, airports, schools, bathrooms, etc. to help disabled people, the elderly, and patients walk and give them hands to prevent falls.

2, buffering effect. When people go down the stairs because of too fast speed, it is usually too late to stop. This is to grab the handrail, which can provide a good cushioning effect.

3, walking stability.

4. Increasing the beauty: Choose a variety of colors according to the indoor color and environment, and the decoration effect is good.

5. Economical: Assembled design and construction, which can be partially replaced when damaged.

6. Antibacterial property: PVC / ABS exterior material has a special antibacterial treatment to prevent the spread of germs.

Provides the advantages of handrails:

1. The handrail adopts high polymer exterior decoration: PVC, ABS, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, and the wall are firm and reliable in preventing falls, which is beautiful and practical.

2. Simple installation and maintenance, convenient maintenance and durable.

3. Different color models can meet the needs of any place for handrails.

4. The anti-collision armrest has many special effects such as flame retardant, antibacterial and simple shape.

5. The high-quality aluminum alloy in the core is professionally designed and reasonably fastened.