Do you pay attention to the quality and environmental protection of PVC flooring accessories?

When choosing PVC flooring, people often focus on the quality of the floor such as the wear resistance of the floor, the amount of formaldehyde release, the color and style, and the environmental protection of accessories such as floor adhesives. Experts from the National Building Materials Testing Center said: "The choice of accessories and auxiliary materials for PVC flooring is not good, and there may be hidden killers."

General people think that only the PVC floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, a lot of floor glue will be used. The function of the floor glue is to form a film at the joint of the floor block, which effectively locks the free formaldehyde in the floor.

Whether the floor adhesive itself is environmentally friendly has become the main measure of floor adhesive selection. High-quality floor adhesives are expensive, and many small workshop-type businesses often choose cheaper ordinary adhesives, or even lower-quality lower-quality adhesives, which logically enters consumer households under the guise of "brand exclusive" and "all-inclusive prices". Come to the hidden dangers of environmental protection.

So we remind you that these auxiliary materials, such as floor adhesives, have become a common practice of some flooring vendors by mingling customs with flooring to gain benefits, and this is also becoming a hidden danger to the environment of ordinary families. Consumers should not just pay attention to the quality of PVC flooring and ignore the quality and environmental protection of these accessories when purchasing. For these floorboards, they should also choose products that meet national environmental protection standards.